Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival


The campgrounds are just a few steps away from the festival grounds which makes it easy for music goers to relax and not have to worry about morning/night traffic to get the grounds. The Campsites are rather small (10x30) so it is required that you become friends with your neighbors. You are also allowed to have ONLY one car to each spot but you are allowed to have as many tents that you can fit into one spot. Camping opens a day before the actual festival starts at noon (Thursday) and remains open for people to enter until the day after (Sunday) the festival ends at Midnight. Also once your car is parked you may not move it, if you were to drive and leave your site then you may NOT return. Cars can not enter the campgrounds if they do not have a valid Car Camping Pass and a festival pass for entrance. Also all items in your car will be fully searched by security upon entrance. If you forget anything you need for camping, check the general store. The General store is open 24 hours and it is only cash.

Tent Camping

Basically for tent camping the same rules apply. Although the size of the spot is smaller (10x15) and this is because your car will not be with you on your tent spot. You have to park in the Tent camping lot, and then carry you camping essentials with you to your spot. 

General Camping Rules

  • One car per Car Camping spot is required - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All camping attendees must be 18 years of age or older & have a valid I.D. or be accompanied with a legal guardian.
  • General campers can visit other campsites, except for VIP camping areas.
  • Allowed to bring Drinks & Food. 
  • Alcoholic drinks: bring a reasonable amount. If security feels you have brought an excessive amount they are allowed to confiscate it.
  • NO glass containers, weapons, drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed.
  • No animals
  • No open flames
  • RVs/trailers are not allowed to park in day parking or camp at any time.

Bathrooms & Showers

There are bathrooms (porta-potty) available at all campsite lots. Also FREE showers will be at every campsite lot. The showers are not always open so be sure to check the hours when available.